"The school is a hidden gem  in Arcadia..."

                          - A.C., Yelp 8/2016

"I have both of my children sent to this school simply because it is the best around in Arcadia, California...."  

              - S.C., Yelp 5/2012

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"Love the staff and the care my child receives.  The children here are clearly taken care off...."  - A.C., Yelp  10/2016

"Excellent school!  We enrolled our daughter 4 years ago and she have since graduated reading at 2nd to 3rd grade level, giving her a great head start in elementary school...."  - J.O., Yelp 9/2016

"I have both of my children sent to this school simply because it is the best around in Arcadia.  The staff is knowledgeable about the importance of child education at early stage.  They are friendly, caring and patient with each and every kid.  I have recommended several friends to send their children there...They all love the small environment with personal care" - S.C., Yelp 5/2012

Great school, great staff, great director!!  My child was so well prepared that when she entered 1st grade, she thought the material was too easy.  This school teaches value, character and discipline! - L. R., Yelp  9/2016

"My son attends Wonder Years....As an educator for more than 19 years in LA's school district, this school gets the highest rating.  The staff treats the children as their own, have dedicated teachers and an outstanding curriculum.  My son is in Pre-K and is now 5....he can read, write, add, subtract and spell small words....Not only is he academically advanced, but the teachers teach life skills."  - T.H., Yelp  5/2015

"I have 2 children that...attended this school....They were cared for by the school as if they were their own children.  Taught as if they were their own children.  They are very compassionate and patient with our children and all the students in the class.  We have only positive things to say about Wonder Years Montessori."  - S.Y., Yelp 5/2012

"The school is very modest but the environment for learning is great....Both of my children were given a head start because of...[what] they learned there....I highly recommend this pre-school to those who are seeking a place that will up your child's creativity and motivation to learn."  - S.W., Yelp 5/2012

"This school creates good character and discipline, not to mention excellence in academics.  When my daughter graduated to 1st grade, she said the material she's learning in 1st grade is so easy compared to what she learned here...The teachers are caring and attentive..."  - L.Y., Yelp 8/2016

"I would absolutely recommend this school to all parents.  They have a very high standard when teaching and nurturing the students that attend.  My first child graduated kindergarten from their program and was reading up to 2nd grade level and doing double digit math.  She is now excelling at her current school....I give all credit to the great teachers at Wonder Years for building the foundation....My children LOVE all of the staff dearly.....the prices are also very affordable compared to other Montessori programs that are offered in the area...which is a PLUS."  - T.K., Yelp, 5/2012

"Wonder Years Montessori has dedicated teachers and staff.  Their administration is very hands on and available at all times...My eldest daughter is 4 years old.  She is already reading her 2nd phonics book, she can add up simple addition, count from 1-100.....My little one started school when she turned 2 years old...and she loves it....and she finally learned how to share!!!  The school offers to potty train for no additional cost.  My kids absolutely love going to school.  I would highly recommend this school to anyone."  - G.M., Yelp 5/2012

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